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Hey there

 I´m Tori

I started working in the online space in 2015 when I created my first blog sharing my side of depression and anxiety. That quickly branched off into multiple different businesses over the years because I had these two conflicting sides of myself. I had this very spiritual side that put her faith in the Universe and a very analytical side that needed lists and numbers and I needed to see results on paper and spreadsheets. It wasn’t until early 2020 that I realized I could bring all of those parts of myself into my business and help people who think like me.

Being happy was something I struggled with my whole life. I was living my life in this auto-pilot way and the teachers I was following teaching me the Law of Attraction were making me feel as if it was my fault. When in reality it was just a trauma response. I helped myself out of this cycle through Tarot, Breathwork, EFT, NLP and now I help my clients through this.

Have some questions?

I'm not sure which package is best for me, what would you recommend?

I have a really simple way to figure out which package you should get. If you are looking for clarity only, I would recommend booking a Tarot Reading. If you are looking for clarity and support, I would recommend the coaching package. 

How do I book with you?

You can head over to toriberg.com/packages to take a look at what I offer and you can book each respective package on that page where you will be redirected to my calendar.

I've never gotten a tarot reading before, is there anything I need to do?

Once you have booked your reading and filled out the questionaire at checkout there is nothing else you need to do. I will do your reading in a cleansed space and will email you a write up of the reading to the email you provide at booking.

What does a coaching session with you look like?

I like to hop on an initial 30 minute call with you to get a feel for what you are looking for and which techniques I think will work best for you. After that we will set up a custom plan for you that will include EFT, Breathwork, Tarot or all of them.